He Shall Hear Me
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I have seen the atrocities of war
The anger in hearts of men
The evil of humanity

The children crying in the streets
left alone to find their way home.
I've felt the fear, and the pain
that women all around the world feel
when they fear they will never again hold
their child or loved one in their arms again.

I have seen men with tears in their eyes
as they work day and night
Through the crashing rain and the hot sun
Risking their lives
Unsung heroes, unknown faces, their destiny entwined.

As the soldiers march on the streets
The police watch every move
Wearing a mask to be able to breathe
Generators provide the only source of light
Leaving total darkness when they go down.
Something as simple as a walk on the pier
enjoying the sunlight, music in the streets
watching as people enjoy life
Things taken for granted everyday of my life.

Somehow a little bit of me died that day
and I know life will never be the same.

Poems of Love And Romance II

Artwork: He Shall Hear Me
Micheal Dudash