Turning Point
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He watched as the Mistress of Darkness returned from her walk.

As he watched her he wondered what was going through her mind.

She was a mysterious one. He notice how those dark, sultry eyes

observed everything that happened around her.

How she stayed to herself, only joining the others when it was time for meals.

He heard many tales about this Mistress of Darkness.

He wanted her as his companion.

Would he be able to convince her to join him in his journeys?

He noticed she had returned with her sword in hand from her walk.

She sat away from everyone deep in thought looking at her sword.

What was it that she saw in the cold steel?

Would he be able to enter her world? Explore the depths of her mind?

He was intriqued by this mysterious, tentalizing woman.


Mistress of Darkness~World of Fantasy

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