No One's Slave
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The Mistress of Darkness knew the time had come for her to move on.

The time of reflection had come to an end.

She comtemplated which way to go.

In moments of indecision she found comfort in the arms of the LoneWolf.

The LoneWolf wanted her as his companion. To join him in his journeys.

She knew if she chose to go with the LoneWolf

she would be subjected to a life of slavery once more.

She was not born to be slave to no one.

She quietly gathered her belonging.

At morning's light she mounted her steed.

Heading towards the road to fulfill her destiny.

She would let it take her where it may lead.

She didn't look back, for she knew there was no future in the past.

As she follow the path she looked forward to whatever awaited her.


Boris Vallejo

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